The Toast Is Served

pink stairs-1.jpg


Hello, hello,

Starting a business is not easy they say. There is no elevator to success they say. Let us tell you one damn thing: They are absolutely right. Nevertheless it is the greatest experience and when there is no elevator we just take the pink stairs.


One year ago we (Nina & Lara) moved from good old Germany to buzzing Hong Kong to work on our own handbags and apparently we are not doing too bad because otherwise you wouldn’t sit there reading this masterpiece of a blog post (which we always thought nobody would ever read but it seems like you do so “hi” again).


As high school besties we always wanted to team up one day to do our own thing. So after we finished our studies (fashion design & business) we decided to design the handbag we always felt like we desperately need it. The result is our “Toast” bag – a so-called micro- or mini-bag, which you can wear in four different ways (cross-body, belt, clutch, bag-on-bag). Our first collection consists of five different Toast bag styles, three charms (to pimp your bag) and two basic tees. We hope you will love it as much as we do!




The weat story just started and we will keep you posted. We would also love to join your journey – so tag us on Instagram (@weat) wherever you are going with your Toast! We can’t wait to see where our little bags will travel to! Stay tuned girls!



Lara Lauffer