Our Favorite Instagram Locations In Hong Kong

Starting a label means doing things on a limited budget and therefore to produce the content for our Instagram by ourselves with a stand and self-timer. Believe it or not but we are running around in Hong Kong carrying IKEA bags full of outfits and props, looking for locations. As we think it is a bit sad that some Instagrammers never tag their location (where is the social in this media?) we listed you some of our favorite spots of the past months. Of course a few of the below are already quite well known within Hong Kong but we still wanted to share with all the rest of you. 

Photo 13.10.17, 12 39 13.jpg

Choi Hung Estate

Probably the most famous Instagram spot in Hong Kong is one of the oldest public housing estates of the city - the Choi Hung Estate. Literally translated Choi Hung means "Rainbow" and this name says it all. 

The place to be is the basketball court facing the colorful walls of the estate. It is located on the roof of the car park. Better come early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Although the court is the most prominent shooting location we also loved the surrounding with typical HK fruit stands.

Photo 01.03.18, 19 18 07.jpg

Instagram Pier

..also known as the Western District Public Cargo Working Area is a popular go to spot for sunset views. You'll find gritty-looking containers, bamboo scaffolding and heavy machinery surrounded by calming water.

Some blogs will call this location underwhelming but we love it and already went there twice to shoot our bags. Especially when living on the island it is a convenient but still cool location to go for a quick shoot when running out of content.

Photo 13.06.18, 17 59 21.png

Tin Shui Wai

We went to this district to look for cool housing estates to shoot and found a pastel pink foot bridge and ball courts on a roof instead. Located in the New Territories it took us over an hour to get there but we think the effort was worth it.

Shortly after exiting the MTR we found the Ting Shing Road Footbridge with its pink tiles and handrails where we first stopped to take some pics.  After that we headed to the T-Town Roof for sunset and we love the results!

Photo 14.06.18, 12 35 00.jpg

Pak Tin Estate

This estate is located in Shek Kip Mei - Sham Shui Po and is known for its' blue buildings which appear so near on pictures. Although you might have seen these blue walls in the feed of some HK instagrammers the location will never be tagged. We don't really understand what's the reason not to share the location you shoot in and that's why we will do it differently.

To get the pictures you have to climb up the empty parking lot there but better hurry the management told us it will be teared down soon.

Photo 24.03.18, 13 32 46.jpg

Loh Wah Estate

Another estate, another dream location. The Lok Wah Estate well-deserved gained more and more popularity thanks to its' blue infinity loops. The Kwun Tong estate proves that Hong Kong architecture is creative and artistic.

You can find the blue loops on the Lok Wah Estate South Garage but not only this playground is instagrammable here. A better kept secret is the pink basket ball court which is located here too. As we didn't take any pictures there so far we link another Instagrammer for you to have a look.